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Best Scrap Gold Buyers Reviews

Looking for the best place to sell your scrap gold for the most money?
Best Scrap Gold Buyers and Refiners

Below we briefly rank and review the very best scrap gold buyers/refiners. The firms that offer the highest payouts for your scrap gold, have the best feedback and reviews, the best service and communication, insurance and free shipping, and an established history. The very best gold buyers have a combination of all or most of those attributes and more. Below are both the very best scrap gold buyers and several close runners-up.

There are, of course, many more outfits perfectly willing to buy up any gold you might offer to sell them but we believe you should not need to go any farther than these firms. And if you do go beyond these carefully researched companies then please, just do your own research first.

Express Gold Cash - Top Buyer - And Our Top Pick
Pays 90-95%+ for >1 oz. and 80-85% for < 1 oz.

Cash for Gold USA - Top Buyer - And a very close 2nd place for CashforGoldUSA
Pays 90-95% for > 1 oz. and 85%+ for < 1 oz.

NowGold - Acceptable Buyer
80-85% for > 1 oz. and 90%+ for < 1 oz. Plus a "offer + 10%" price match

Cash For Gold Co - Acceptable Buyer
80-85% for > 1 oz. and 90%+ for < 1 oz.

Empire Gold Buyers - Top Buyer
Pays 90-95% for > 1 oz. and 80-85% for < 1 oz.

Cash4Gold - Top Buyer
Pays 90-95%+ for > 1 oz. and around 85% for <; 1 oz.

Midwest Refineries -  Top Buyer
Not flashy, not large. But old, trusted, with high payouts at 90-95%+

Northern Refineries - Acceptable Buyer
95% for > 1 oz. Full service with other precious metals.

Cash4Gold-USA - Acceptable Buyer
Pays 80-85%+

US Gold Buyers - Top Buyer
Pays 90%+ for > 1 oz. and 80-85% for < 1 oz.

Gold Pawn Shop - Acceptable Buyer
Very fair graduated payout scale based on weight < 10 oz. 85%+

SellYourGold - Acceptable Buyer
Pays 85%+ More for larger amounts.

GoldFellow - Acceptable Buyer
Pays 80-85% Reliable buyer but not the best payouts.

GoldKit.com - Acceptable Buyer
Service is fine but payout amounts appear erratic.

Please also see our review article here for both reviews of the best scrap gold buyers/refiners, and how to make sure you get the most money when selling your scrap gold.